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Understanding Your New Award

This course picks up where Blueprint of a Proposal leaves off. We overview what happens after the proposal has been submitted and what kinds of communication you might expect at the pre-award phase of a sponsored project. We then take a look at processes that occur when the UW receives an award from a sponsor.

Specific topics include:

  • Sponsor review
  • Pre-award sponsor correspondence (e.g. just in time)
  • The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) review, negotiations, and role in the UW setup process
  • Advanced budget numbers
  • Types of awards
  • The award document itself and what you need to know about its terms & conditions.

The focus is on action items for Research Administrators and Principal Investigators, along with opportunities for planning at the setup of a new award to establish a strong foundation for successful management of that award.

Note: This course provides a broad overview of activities occurring after proposal submission through award setup at the UW. The separate, complementary course, Set up and Manage Your Award, explores the financial aspects of award setup and management in specific detail.


Staff new to sponsored project management

Research Administration Certificate


Last Updated

October 2022

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