The sponsor is the funding agency to which you are applying for funding.

Use the Look Up Sponsor button to open the Sponsor Chooser.  You can search by all or part of a sponsor name, or by the Parent Sponsor Name. Search for and select your sponsor. For a Grant Runner application, you will have selected the sponsor in the wizard.

Note: If you cannot find your sponsor, please follow the instructions on the chooser page to send a request to OSP (osptech@uw.edu) to add the sponsor to the database. If you use a “pending” sponsor as a placeholder, you can start routing your application for approval, but only with RTS=No.

The Sponsor Name, Sponsor Type and Parent sponsor name (if there is one) are automatically filled in by SAGE.

The address and contact fields are not required, but we strongly recommend that you fill them in, as the values are used in the sponsor cover letter sent by OSP.

  • For the Address, City, State, Zip, and Country fields, enter the application mailing address of the sponsor as it appears in the sponsor’s application instructions or enter the name and web address (URL) of the sponsor’s electronic proposal submission system (for example: Grants.gov, Research.gov) in the Address field.
  • For the Contact Name, Contact Phone, and Contact Email fields, enter the information for the person to be contacted with questions or issues (optional).

E G C one sponsor section

Once you have added the sponsor, the Change the sponsor? link displays below the contact information. Note: This link will not appear for a Grant Runner application, as the sponsor is added in the wizard. You cannot change the sponsor once you have completed the wizard.

Originating (Prime) Sponsor

Following the change link, a question about originating sponsor displays. The question reads: Does the funding originate from a different entity than the sponsor listed above (flow-through)? You must answer this question.

If you answer Yes, a button displays for you to look up the sponsor.  Once you’ve selected the originating sponsor, its Name, Type, and Parent Name (if there is one) display.  You will also see links to change or remove the originating sponsor.

E G C one originating sponsor details