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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Can a start-up company started by a UW employee apply for SBIR or STTR funding? OSP
Who submits the SBIR or STTR application to the federal agency? OSP
I want to submit a request to my sponsor to extend the end date of my project. I probably won’t get formal sponsor approval in place before the end date. What can I do? OSP
How does the no-cost extension process work? OSP
Why isn’t my eGC1 eligible for an Advance Budget (ADV)? OSP Funding/Budget
I have a joint appointment with the VA. I need to document why I am not requesting full salary funding for my UW appointment, calculated from IBS. What should I include in the budget justification so my effort is not considered cost share? OSP
Should FHCC include a proposed subaward in its proposal to NIH? I have a joint appointment and FHCRC will be applying for funding from NIH. I will be participating on the project but will carry out my component of the work at UW. OSP
How should FHCC compensate UW for my salary/benefits? I have a joint appointment with FHCC. The work I will be doing is carried out at FHCC. OSP
What is a no-cost extension? OSP
What is an incoming subaward? OSP