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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do we include gift funding as Other Support to NIH? OSP Sponsor Requirements
Does OSP handle any service contracts? OSP
Does the new award process eliminate the one day delay in using/seeing budget numbers? ORIS
Does the new system include a way to address incremental awards that are for only part of a budget year, and/or cross budget years? ORIS
Does the PI need to approve advance budget requests? ORIS
Does the SAGE Advance Budget process eliminate OSP’s Budget Extension form? ORIS
eRA Commons PRAM – What is PRAM? Who can submit PRAM? OSP
Federal Funding: Is it a Sponsored Program? OSP Research Administration
For awards such as a T32, which in most cases have restricted carry forward, will we need to enter that in the budget or is that still handled by GCA for us? ORIS
Foreign Influence Through the Research Lifecycle OSP Rates