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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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eRA Commons PRAM – What is PRAM? Who can submit PRAM? OSP
Export Compliance FAQs ORC
Federal Funding: Is it a Sponsored Program? OSP Research Administration
Foreign Influence Through the Research Lifecycle OSP Rates
How can a PI tell if they can submit SNAP eligible RPPRs? OSP Research Administration
How can I view an RPPR in eRA Commons that is in progress or that has already been submitted? 
How do I address common errors and warnings in eRA Commons RPPRs (including Interim and Final RPPRs): OSP
How do I assign the Advance Reviewer role in ASTRA? ORIS
How do I document salary cap on proposal budgets? OSP
How do I find the status of my Post Award Change (PAC)? OSP