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Frequently-Asked Questions

Change of PI FAQs

Q1: I need to Change PI but there is no award yet. What do I do?
A1: Route a Non-Competing Revision eGC1 with the new PI. Reference the previous eGC1 in the eGC1 Additional Information section “Previous eGC1” and include relevant comments in the eGC1 Campus Comments section. Attach all sponsor-required documentation and concurrence as applicable.

Q2: What are some sample reasons why a PI might change?
A2: Examples of why a PI might need to change:

  • The PI has left the UW or is no longer able to serve as the PI of the award
  • The eGC1 Application PI (e.g., post-doctoral fellow) has transitioned to a permanent UW position and can now serve as the eGC1 PI per School policy
  • A Multiple PI listed on an award is going to serve as the eGC1 PI

Q3: Do we use the same process if we are changing a person named on an NIH Notice of Award (NOA) who is not a PI (including if they are listed as a Co-I)?
A3: When you need to change Key Personnel named on an award please follow instructions for Key Personnel Changes. This is the same for Co-I named as Key Personnel.

Q4: What if a Co-I has left the UW?
A4:If a Co-I is Key Personnel on the award, follow instructions for Key Personnel Changes, including when a Co-I has left the UW. Ensure all personnel on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page of the eGC1 are up-to-date.

Q7: Do we need a [Change of PI Request] form if the application PI is different from the eGC1 PI? This usually happens when a postdoc is transitioning to a permanent position at UW when they submit a proposal as a postdoc.
A7: Yes. You will follow the Change of PI process if the Application PI will become the eGC1 PI. If the Application PI is the named PI on the award, prior sponsor approval would not be necessary. Similarly, if a Multiple PI on the eGC1 will become the eGC1 PI, you will also follow the Change of PI process. Prior sponsor approval may be necessary to update the award.

Q8: Do we complete the change of PI form before or after sponsor approval?
A8: It depends. Many sponsors require a formal concurrence request for a change in PI. In these instances the Change of PI form should be completed prior to seeking sponsor approval. Sponsors that do not have a formal process may provide the approval prior to completing the form. Check your award and other sponsor requirements to determine how to proceed.

Q9: Does the Change of PI process require a Dean to sign off on the form? If no eGC1, then how is Dean’s level approving new PI meets eligibility rules?
A9: Yes, the Dean must sign off on a Change of PI form. The form is designed to collect the assurances and approvals that are normally done through routing an eGC1. A new eGC1 is not needed for the Change of PI process.