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Authority to Sign: Sponsored Program Funding vs. Goods & Services

Who has the authority to sign for Sponsored Program funding vs. Goods & Services?

The University limits who is responsible for certain types of agreements and who has the authority to sign them.

All agreements, whether handled and signed by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), or executed by the Dean’s office or his/her delegate, will include terms and conditions.


The Office of Sponsored Programs is the ONLY office delegated authority to enter into agreements for sponsored program funding.


The authority to sign contracts for the provision of Goods & Services is given to the Deans via the University Policy on Sales of Goods and Services, APS 59.5.

Goods or services agreements are between the unit providing the goods and services and the customer, which in some cases, is the Federal government. All School/College and specific departmental policies governing signature authority must be followed. Consult with your department administrator or Dean’s office.