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Submission & Review Process

Submission & Review Process

Review Process
Deadlines for submitting new applications and amendment forms depend on the type of human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research you are conducting. For more information about deadlines and the review process, go to New Applications.

New Applications
For new proposals or for Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO)-approved existing proposals in which two or three core features might change, a new ESCRO application is required.

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Note: Principle Investigators (PIs) with existing hESC research protocols have until 3/31/2009 to submit a new ESCRO application.

Amendments to Existing Applications
The two types of amendments to an ESCRO application, significant and not significant, involve different levels of oversight by the ESCRO committee.

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Annual Surveys and Renewals
Renewals require ESCRO review and approval. The standard approval period is three years. Annual surveys do not require ESCRO review and approval. The ESCRO office sends annual surveys to researchers to confirm information on record.

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How to Submit ESCRO Forms
For general instructions on how to submit ESCRO forms to the ESCRO Office, see How to Submit ESCRO Forms.

General Inquiries
UW Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight
Box 351202
Seattle, WA 98195-1202
(206) 685-9210 fax

Contact Info for Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO)
Primary Contact
Kim A. Blakemore
206 685-7010
Compliance Analyst, Office of Research
Box 351202

Committee Chair
Charles H Muller
206 598-1018
Lecturer, Urology
Box 354795