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May 19, 2023

Important Dates for Sponsored Programs: Prepping for July 6 Workday Finance Go-Live

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UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) is just months away from launching Workday Financials, a new, modern finance and supply chain infrastructure to support the University into the future, on July 6, 2023.

As shared at the March MRAM, there are several Sponsored Programs deadlines you should be aware of related to this transition.

Preparation for cutover involves deadlines for entering information into our current systems, as well as dates and times when our current systems will be unavailable in the weeks leading up to Workday Finance go-live. Some systems, processes and transactions can’t be completely shut down and interim processes are being put into effect so these transactions can continue during the planned downtime. There is also a “catch-up” period when any new data collected during this period will be entered once the new system is up and running.

Key Cutover Dates for Grant Award to Close

  • 5/19: Last day to submit Change of PI Requests to OSP for PIs in “inactive” status in Workday HCM
  • 5/31: Recommended date to submit Advance Budget Requests for awards with anticipated start dates between 6/09 and 8/01
  • 6/01: ASTRA role validation begins. Campus authorizers will receive an email from ORIS by June 1 with an attached spreadsheet that includes:
    • Their department’s current eGC1 ASTRA roles
    • Any SAGE ASTRA eGC1 roles that will be assigned at go-live
  • 6/07: Last day to submit Advance Extension Requests, and No-Cost Extension or Temporary Budget Extension Requests for awards that end between 6/09 and 8/01
    • Please submit no earlier than April 15th
  • 6/08: Final Action Date for financial reports due at the end of June
  • 6/09: Last day for OSP approvals of completed Funding Actions (FAs) and financial related Post Award Changes (PACs)
  • Before 6/12:
  • 6/13: Last day to submit requests to GCA. Types of requests include:
    • Transpasus
    • Journal vouchers (deficit transfers, F&A cost adjustments, closeout adjustments)
    • Advance Budget Requests for awards with anticipated start dates between 6/09 and 8/01
    • Changes in the financial system (e.g. organization codes changes, FIN status changes)
    • Cost Share additions and changes in eFECS
  • 6/15 after 5PM:
    • Deferred Items – Items that could not be processed will be processed after Workday Finance Go-Live
    • Funding Status data in MyResearch remains accessible but stale
  • 6/22: Final Action Date for sponsor invoices due at the end of June
  • 7/5 at 5:35 PM-7/7 at 6 AM: SAGE unavailable during the SAGE release
  • 7/06:
    • GCA resumes Cost Share entry in Workday
    • Campus authorizers update SAGE ASTRA roles for their department (if needed)
  • 7/7 at 6 AM: SAGE back online and available with new features added, including award status and SAGE Awards
  • 7/14: Last day for cost transfers in MyFD
  • 7/24: eFECS Cost Share data (commitments and actuals) imported into Workday

6/05-7/05 Subawards: Review guidance for Subaward Requests Between 6/05-7/05

6/09-7/31: GCA will continue to prepare sponsor invoices and financial reports using legacy systems to ensure that sponsor deadlines are met

Additional Cost Share dates:

  • 7/31: Last day for campus to tag expenditures in the Non-FEC Tagging System
  • 10/11: Deadline to certify FECs for the period ending 6/30/2023
  • 10/12: Catch-up load will update Workday cost share with FEC and non-FEC cost share actuals not included in initial upload

Additional Research (RAD) Reports dates:

  • 6/15: Last day RAD-based reports accessible via BI Portal as usual
  • 6/15 after 5 PM – 7/05: FIN (Award) data is frozen; existing RAD reports are accessible but historical Data for NAAs, eGC1s, and Subawards will remain up-to-date, pending more information in June
  • 7/06 – TBD: Until new RAD 2.0 based reporting solutions are available, request data from grantrpt@uw.edu until further notice

SAGE Availability

SAGE will continue to function as usual in all areas up until the SAGE release (refer to business as usual). 

SAGE Release Dates:

  • SAGE operational through 7/5 at 5:30 p.m. to meet the NIH deadline
  • 7/5 starting at 5:35 PM: SAGE unavailable
  • 7/6 all day: SAGE unavailable
  • 7/7 at 6 AM: SAGE back online – new features available! 

Many processes will remain business as usual during cutover

SAGE will continue to function in all areas, up until the SAGE Awards release, including:

  • eGC1s, including proposal submission
  • Pre-award notifications such as Just-in-Time
  • Non-Award Agreements
  • Post Award Changes that do not impact a budget number


We realize you may have more questions on sponsored program business processes. Please stay tuned to MRAM and consider joining our bonus UWFT-focused MRAM sessions on May 19 and June 16.

For an overview of changes coming to research administration processes, visit UWFT for the Research Community.

Grant and Contract Accounting has a new webpage for the research community to find up-to-date information about Finance Transformation’s impact on GCA processes, the development of Award Portal, and information provided to sponsors about the transition to Workday Finance.

Learn more about UWFT’s plan for cutover and see a full list of UW system/process frost/freeze dates on the Change Network.

If you have questions, please reach out.


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