Extending an Advance

Request an Extension

To request an extension of an existing Advance budget number:

  • You must have edit access to the existing advance, New or Renewal
  • The advance must have a status of Processed
  • The advance must be active, which is defined as any advance with a start date within the past 18 months

On your My Advance Requests tasklist, select the Processed status check box to filter your list. Those existing advances that can be extended will display an “Extend” link in the Options column at the far right. The following image shows a partial tasklist with the link appearing for one item.

advances task list with extent link example

Selecting the Extend link in the Options column opens an extension request. You will see a header section across the top of the page. This header remains visible regardless of what part of the advance you are viewing.

The following image shows an example advance header for an advance extension request that is in Composing status.

advance request renewal header

The header contains the following items, reading from left to right:

  • A blue arrow, pointing to the left, which is a link back to your Advances list.
  • The title “Advance Budget Extension Request” followed by the request’s unique reference number, in parentheses, with the prefix ADV. For example: ADV25111.
  • The number for the Associated Advance Request. Clicking on the advance number will open it in a new tab.
  • The Advance Budget number assigned from the associated advance.
  • Request Status, the current status of this item.
  • At the far right, a “more options” menu icon appears. The icon is three, blue vertical dots. The menu choices are:
    • Add Comment – displays entered text on the Comments & History page
    • Delete request – when the status is Composing, you can delete your request

Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu is a list of links for navigating to the sections of your advance extension. When you select a section, its name will change to bold font and be highlighted with a light blue shading. The following image shows an example of a left navigation menu, with the Request Extension section highlighted. A new request opens to this section by default.

advance extension left navigation menu

Request Extension Section

Use the this section to select an end date for your request and indicate the budget(s) you want extended.

An alert will display at the top of the page, which reads “Cost share set up in eFECS, if applicable, will be automatically extended by GCA when this request is approved.” The following image shows this alert.

advance extension cost share alert

The Select End Date area includes an end date input field, the sponsor name, and a Reason for Extension field. Below the end date field, you will see a statement “You can extend through date” based on the maximum length of an extension, which is 18 months.  You cannot enter a date that is prior to the associated advance end date. Both an end date and reason are required. You can enter up to 300 characters in the Reason for Extension field. Note: be sure to include the grant worktags to be extended.

Once you have entered an end date, the system will calculate and display the Total Requested Duration, to the right of the date.

The following image shows this part of the section, before any data is entered:

extension request select end date fields and enter reason with worktags

If you select the Reason for Extension field, and then click elsewhere, it will change to a red border as a reminder that it is a required field. If you hover your cursor within the field, a “tool tip” appears that read “Please fill out this field.” as shown in the following image:

advance reason for extension field with red border

Once the required fields are completed, the Request Extension button will be enabled. Select it to route your extension for processing.  The extension will become read-only with a status of In GCA.

GCA will process the request and send the notification. Please note that the Advance Budget Extension page does not require campus approvals, so it does not display an approval flow. Department reviewers for the financially responsible organization on the associated advance will be notified that an extension request has been submitted.

The Access & Roles section and the Comments & History section are the same as that for a new advance request.