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Request a Change of PI


A change of PI requires prior sponsor approval.

This request form captures PI assurances, approvals, and unit concurrences whenever it is a request for Change of PI after an award has been made.

This form is not needed to request a change of PI before an award is processed. Review How to Submit a Change of PI Request before an award is made.

Chair and Dean concurrence are required with signatures along with any additional concurrences as required by your unit. Signature by a designee on behalf of Chair or Dean is acceptable if unit policy allows.

Preliminary Steps to Request a Change of PI

  • Verify the new PI has not been debarred or suspended
  • Gather Supporting Documentation reflecting the new PI’s suitability for the role (such as their Biosketch and Other Support) as required by the sponsor.
  • Draft a request for the change in PI to the sponsor on the new PI’s campus unit letterhead, signed by the new PI and the former PI or the Chair/Unit Lead (if former PI is unavailable) for OSP concurrence. This should include:
    • Explanation of the necessary change
    • Any budgetary or scope of work changes as a result