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APS 10.13 for third parties

What is a third party led youth program?

A third party led youth program is an activity or set of activities in which

  • youth are a primary audience, 
  • the activity is operated or sponsored by a non-UW organization, business or group, and 
  • the activity is sited in facilities or property of the University. 

Third parties include contractors, consultants, vendors, student-run organizations, or other non-UW entities with a contractual relationship or other formal partnership with a University department or unit. A formal partnership may include, for example, a Memorandum of Understanding or lease agreement for use of a University facility. 

Requirements for third party led youth programs

Third party led youth programs must meet or exceed the requirements of Administrative Policy 10.13 Requirements for University and Third Party Led Youth Programs. Agreement in writing to meet or exceed the requirements should be included as part of the contract/formal agreement with the hosting UW department. If you are unsure of whether this has been included in your contract, contact your hosting department. 

Note one exception: Third party-led research (i.e., research led by a non-UW Principal Investigator) is not required to follow this policy. 

APS 10.13 includes requirements for:

  • Program registration in the UW Youth Program Registration System*
  • Background screenings for staff with unsupervised access to, or responsibility for, youth
  • Staff training on safely interacting with youth and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect
  • Staff conduct expectations
  • Reporting violations of conduct expectations and suspected child abuse and neglect
  • Maintaining a safe environment
  • Emergency and safety planning and response
  • Privacy practices for handling youth data

*Program registration will be completed by your University hosting department (i.e. the department with which you have a contractual relationship/formal partnership). Third parties are not responsible for registration, nor have access to the UW Youth Program Registration System.  

Requirements for UW departments or units hosting a third party led youth program

Departments or units that choose to host third party-led youth programs are responsible for registering the program in the UW Youth Program Registration System per requirements of APS 10.13.

Additionally, hosting units or departments are required to obtain an agreement in writing from the third party they are hosting that the third party will meet or exceed the requirements of the APS 10.13. This written agreement should be included with other contracts/formal agreements with the third party.

View example language reviewed by the UW AGO [pdf].

For more information view the Third Party FAQs