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Phase 2: Documentation review

The goal of Phase 2 of the YPAI is to evaluate your existing policies, procedures, training, and communication practices by assessment of your program documentation. You will receive feedback and resources to assist you with strengthening any areas in which we feel you can improve upon.

What’s involved in Phase 2 of the YPAI?

Programs will upload documentation demonstrating implementation of requirements. Programs may upload any materials they think demonstrate the policy components; suggestions and examples of documentation are provided. The expectation is not that programs are creating new documents to fulfill this review, but rather, providing examples of how you are implementing the policy requirements within your existing materials.

OYPC may also review other materials, like the program’s public-facing website and registered sessions in YPRS. As applicable, OYPC may also have subject matter expert partners review submitted documentation.

Reviewing documents in this way helps OYPC gain insight into the daily operations of programs and identify areas for collaboration or resource-sharing. We can also provide suggestions to add clarity and consistency to documents used across the UW, as well as available resources or support to help programs strengthen their practices.

This process should take approximately 20 minutes for program leaders to complete.

You will be asked to upload documentation demonstrating your implementation of University requirements (per APS 10.13). The table below shows the policy requirement (first column) along with prompt (in the second column, titled “Upload documentation demonstrating”). We have also provided examples of documentation we imagine might demonstrate the policy, as well as what we’ll be looking for when we review your documentation.

Click this link to view Documentation Review criteria and examples.

YPAI task deadlines align with programming timeframes. To see your specific program deadline, log into the Youth Program Registration System. Your YPAI task will be viewable on your home screen dashboard, and your program deadline will be listed there. The Phase 2 Program Documentation must be submitted no later than your individually assigned deadline. You may submit your program documentation anytime after October 1 leading up to your program’s specific deadline.

The program documentation can be submitted by the program director or another staff member who has responsibility for or oversight of program operations.

We anticipate it will take no more than 20 minutes to submit your program documentation. Again, it is not expected that you are creating documentation for this process, but rather selecting examples of what OYPC is looking for from among your existing documentation.

If you do not have documentation for a given requirement, select the option, “I do not have documentation demonstrating this.” You will be provided an opportunity to provide an explanation if applicable.

When you are ready, log into YPRS to submit your documentation. The task will be highlighted on home-page of the Program Director or Program Contact listed for the program. You are not required to complete the submission all at once. You may complete part of it, save it, and return to it at a later date.

Within 60 days of your submission, OYPC will provide you with individualized feedback via email and in the YPRS. This feedback will give you suggestions to strengthen your procedural documentation and communication practices. Our hope is that you will use this feedback to strengthen your program practices going forward.

On October 1, you will be advanced to Phase 3. Learn more about Phase 3 here.

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