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Roles in the Youth Program Assessment Initiative

Each and every one of us must play a role in keeping youth safe when they come to campus or participate in UW programs. Specific individuals have important roles in fulfilling the Youth Program Assessment initiative. Roles are described below.

Youth program leaders (e.g., program director)

The program director is responsible for being well-versed with University requirements and ensuring that a program or activity meets all requirements. As the person primarily responsible for meeting requirements, it is expected that program directors will lead and actively engage in the assessment process, though they may decide to also involve others who have a role in youth protection in their settings in performing certain tasks associated with the YPAI. 

Program directors and leaders are responsible for ensuring that all deadlines are met during the YPAI process. In order to make sure that requirements are met, it is important for program directors to be communicative and responsive to all emails and notifications sent out by OYPC. 

It is expected that program directors will be present during required meetings and relay information to their team. Program directors should also support and facilitate participation by their team as needed to ensure the full benefits of reflection, feedback and learning that may occur.

Program directors should take the time to meet with key program staff to go over the YPAI process to make sure involved staff are aware of the expectations and goals of this assessment process.

Program staff

We encourage program leadership to work together with staff to reflect on the current implementation of the foundational principles of  APS 10.13. The YPAI is an opportunity for your team to learn about the internal processes, systems and documentation that are vital to youth protection. We hope that the involvement of program staff throughout the cohorts will connect colleagues to share best practices and consider ways to standardize youth protection practices throughout a college or unit and support continuity across our campuses. 

Program staff can help incorporate feedback from OYPC during Phase 4 to continuously help improve the quality and safety of youth programming. We appreciate every individual involved in the YPAI and look forward to strengthening our collective work on behalf of youth at UW.

Unit heads (e.g., deans, vice presidents, chancellors)

As the leaders and chief risk owners for their unit, Deans, Vice Presidents and Chancellors and their designees are ultimately responsible for making decisions regarding the status of youth directed events, e.g., approving activities and deciding whether failure to meet requirements should result in discontinuation of an activity. It follows that they are best positioned to support successful participation in the YPAI, including removing obstacles for program representatives to dedicate time and energy to meaningfully participate.

Partners (e.g., non-UW sub-contractors, organizations)

UW youth programs in partnership with external organizations should review our YPAI guidance and considerations for youth programs in partnerships with external organizations to learn more about these arrangements and how and when to involve those external organizations in implementation and assessment of UW policy.

Need help? Want to talk it over?

We are here to support you! We also encourage you to connect with colleagues to share best practices and consider ways to standardize unit youth protection practices to support continuity across our campuses. 

Please reach out at any time to consult with us: