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YPRS Tutorial: Adding personnel to an existing session/study

Step 1. Log into the Youth Program Registration System with your UW NetID and password. 

Step 2. From the dashboard, select “Sessions.”

Step 3. Find the session in the list to which you would like to add personnel, and click the name of the session in the “Sessions” column or, in the “Actions” column, select “Details.”

Step 4. Click “Edit” in the gray Authorized Personnel header. 

Step 5. Add new authorized personnel, either individually or by spreadsheet uploadIf you add authorized personnel to a currently operating session (meaning after the start date of the session), the system defaults their start date to the day they are entered into the YPRS. You may, however, edit someone’s “effective date” to indicate a later start date, or mark someone “inactive” if they leave the session before the listed end date. See our tutorial on effective dates and marking inactive.

Step 6. Select “Save and close” when you are done to save and leave this section of the registration system.