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Programs will undergo a four-phase cycle of ongoing self-evaluation and conversation with OYPC. Each task is tracked and completed in the Youth Program Registration System (YPRS).

Phase 1: Self Assessment

Phase 2: Documentation Review

Phase 3: Program Observation 

Phase 4: Implementing Feedback

Phases of the YPAI

New phases are initiated each year on October 1. Individual YPAI task deadlines for youth programs align with programming timeframes. To see your specific program deadline, log into the Youth Program Registration System. Your YPAI task will be accessible via the red “Action Required” box on the top of your home screen, and your program deadline will be listed there. 

During each phase, the youth program director will submit information in YPRS and OYPC will provide feedback designed to help the youth program strengthen your practice in the specific policy area. Assessment of programs with a large number of sessions or events will be streamlined using a sampling method. 

Need help? Want to talk it over?

We are here to support you! We also encourage you to connect with colleagues to share best practices, consider ways to standardize youth protection practices across your college, school, or office, and to support continuity across our campuses.

Please reach out at any time to consult with us: