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YPRS Tutorial: Adding personnel using the spreadsheet upload

Anytime you are asked in the registration form to enter personnel, you have a few options for how to do so:

  • add people individually using the “Add a New Person” tool;
  • select people previously affiliated with your program using the “Program People” tool; or
  • add people en masse via the “Upload Spreadsheet” feature.

These instructions covers this last option.


Step 1. Click “Upload Spreadsheet” to begin.

Step 2. From the popup window, click “Download a Sample Spreadsheet.” This will download an editable template to which you can input your data. 

Step 3. Open the downloaded template in Excel.

a) The top 5 lines include instructions regarding what information to input in which column.

b) Line 7 marks the beginning of the non-instructional spreadsheet by listing the headers for your data.

Step 4. Beginning with Line 8, list your personnel information. Note only the first three columns (first and last name and NetID) are required for those with UW NetIDs. If someone does not have a UW NetID, leave that column blank and instead input a non-UW email address. Note: unless John Doe (johndoe23) is actually working for you, you’ll want to begin entering your personnel information by overwriting that information in Line 8.

Step 5. Once you have entered your personnel for this session, save your spreadsheet. Be sure to use one of the allowable file types: Excel file (.xls or .xlsx), an OpenOffice/Libre Office file (.ods), or a Comma-Separated Value file (.csv).

Step 6. Navigate back to the YPRS. Click “Select Files to Upload” and select your saved spreadsheet. Remember, it must be an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx), an OpenOffice/Libre Office file (.ods), or a Comma-Separated Value file (.csv).

Step 7. Once you have selected your spreadsheet and it has uploaded, select “Start Import.” 

Step 8. The YPRS will begin moving through the lines of your spreadsheet. Each line/personnel will be highlighted in yellow as they are added to the system.

Step 9. The YPRS will show a summary of the changes made (aka the personnel added). Click “Done Importing” once all your new personnel have been added. Your new additions will now be listed as authorized or other personnel for the session.