Youth at UW

Documents, tools and templates

The following resources are available for use by the UW youth program community: 

Acknowledgment of Risk Forms

First Aid and CPR Guidelines and training resources (updated October 2019)

UW youth program incident response guidelines (updated June 2018)

UW youth program incident report form (customizable) (Word)  Incident report form PDF

UW youth program minor incident log (customizable) (Word) minor incident log PDF

Model Employee/Volunteer Code of Conduct for ongoing interactions with Minors (updated October 2019)

Model Code of Conduct for Elementary-aged youth participants

Model Code of Conduct for Teen-aged youth participants

Red Flag Behaviors and Grooming Tipsheet (pdf)

Special Events Involving Minors (this form is for use by UW Registered Student Organizations)

Disclaimer: It is up to each program to determine which documents are most appropriate for your program, and adapt them appropriately. For questions, contact