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YPRS Tutorial: Editing personnel dates in an existing session

Typically, authorized personnel are assumed to be serving in the authorized personnel role for the duration of the session registered in YPRS. This means they are accountable for all requirements (background checks, trainings and conduct code) from the start date of the session (or the date they are added to a session) to the end date of the session. 

However, you may have personnel who do not begin serving as authorized personnel immediately or who leave their role before the end of the session. This tutorial will guide you through changing an individual’s start or end date without changing the overall start or end date of the session at large. 

These functions are available to those listed in YPRS as program directors and program contacts (for youth programs) and lead investigators and study contacts (for youth-involved studies). See what these roles mean and how to edit them in YPRS

Step 1. Log into the Youth Program Registration System with your UW NetID and password. 

Step 2. From the dashboard, select “Sessions.”

Step 3. Find the session in the list to which you would like to add personnel, and click the name of the session in the “Sessions” column or, in the “Actions” column, select “Details.”

Step 4. Click “Edit” in the gray Authorized Personnel header. 

Step 5. This will open several tools not previously visible which allow you to amend an individual authorized personnel’s dates of affiliation with the session. These tools are only available for in-progress sessions; once past the end date of a session, you must request assistance from OYPC to make such changes.  

A. EFFECTIVE DATE: this date refers to the date this individual began serving as authorized personnel and therefore, the date by which they must have completed all requirements to be considered compliant. The default effective date is the listed start date of the session (or, if the person is added to a session already underway, the date they are added to the session in YPRS). However, you may wish to change the effective date for an individual from that default date. For example, if a person will not be working with youth right away, you can change their effective date to indicate they are not yet serving as authorized personnel until a later date.

    • Only change an effective date if the person has not supervised, chaperoned, cared for, or been alone with youth before the effective date.
    • To change an effective date, click the “Edit” button next to the individual in question and enter the date on which they began serving in the authorized personnel capacity. Click “Done” and the new date will appear in the column.

B. MARK INACTIVE: marking someone inactive essentially changes their end date. This can be helpful if a person leaves their role midway through a session, or will no longer work in the authorized personnel capacity.

    • Only inactivate someone if they did not not supervise, chaperone, care for, or have unsupervised access to youth after the inactive date.
    • To mark someone inactive: click “Mark Inactive” (to the far right of each line).  Enter the date the person left their role or stopped serving as authorized personnel. Click “Done.”

C. REMOVE PERSONNEL: only remove staff who have never served as authorized personnel for the session in question (e.g., those who were added in error, or those who did not end up filling the intended role). Do not use this function for staff members who were affiliated with your session but have left their role: instead, use the “Mark Inactive” feature described above.

    • To remove someone: if someone truly never worked as authorized personnel in your session, click the “Remove” button (to the far right of each line). You will be asked to confirm your action in a pop-up window. Click “Yes” to remove the person.

Step 6. Select “Save and close” when you are done to save and leave this section of the registration system.