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YPRS Tutorial: Registering UW led youth programs

Use these instructions to register a UW led youth program. You may also view a video version of this tutorial. For additional information about the YPRS, visit our YPRS homepage or watch our video introduction.

Note: if you have already registered the program in YPRS and want to register a session “under” that program’s umbrella, follow these instructions instead.


Step 1. Log into the Youth Program Registration System with your UW NetID and password.

Step 2. From the dashboard, select “Register a Youth Program.”

Step 3. The first screen asks In-Scope Questions, intended to ensure programs are within the scope of APS 10.13 and to guide you to the correct registration form for your program type. To register a UW led youth program, answer them as follows:

    • Is this program’s sole purpose to provide a health-related clinical service to youth as patients in a clinical setting (e.g., pediatric clinic)?
      • No 
    • Is the University of Washington responsible for operation (e.g., overseeing programming, logistics, providing supervision, etc.) of this program as a sole lead, or as a lead partner with a third party?
      • Yes → you will be guided to complete the UW Led Program Form

Step 4. Click “Select/Create a Youth Program.”

  • If you have previously registered programs, they will appear here. You can select an already-registered program to register a new session “under” that program’s umbrella.
  • If you haven’t previously registered a program, or you want to create a new program, enter the new program name and select “Create New Youth Program.” 

Step 5. Enter the following about your program:

  • Program description. This may be copied from elsewhere if applicable.
  • Program website (optional)
  • If you select that you would like to include your program in our Youth Program Directory, this description will appear with your program name and website.
  • Your campus affiliation: Bothell, Seattle, Tacoma, UW Medicine
  • Your sponsoring department: select from a list mapped to the institutional affiliation above
  • Minimum and maximum ages of youth participants
  • Program type: select all those that apply
    • College access
    • Early learning program
    • Educational enrichment
    • Matriculated youth on campus
    • Mentoring
    • Research
    • Service learning program
    • Sports
    • STEM
    • Summer program
    • Third party program
  • Enter the names of people serving in various roles for the youth program. For each, click “Add [Role]” to open a search box connected to the UW Directory. You may also add those without UW NetIDs.
    • ProCard holder: ProCard holders will only be contacted should background checks be needed for authorized personnel. The ProCard holder would be contacted to facilitate paying for those screenings.
    • Department Head
    • Program Director
    • Program contacts: the person completing the registration form is automatically designated as program contact.

Step 6. Click “Next” on the bottom right corner of the window.

Step 7. The next page collects session details. See our tutorial for guidance on sessions.

    • Session Name
      • If your program has multiple sessions, enter a session name to differentiate between multiple sessions of this program. For example, “2023 Space Camp,” “November 2023 Information Sessions”
    • Date and Time: use our tool to help navigate the calendar feature
    • Number of Participants: enter the total number of participants you will interact with on the dates entered above.
    • Session attributes: select Yes or No as to whether certain attributes are present in the session
      • Collection and use of youth’s personal information
      • Exposure to hazardous materials or equipment
      • Interaction with animals
      • Locker room use for showering/changing clothes
      • Overnight stay
      • Physical activity
      • Planned one-on-one interactions with youth (e.g., mentoring)
      • Transporting youth in vehicles or vessels
      • Use of labs, shops, or makerspaces
      • Use of remote outdoor locations with potential hazards
      • Use of text, email, or social media communication with youth
      • Weekend or evening activities
      • Online/virtual interactions (e.g. via Zoom)
    • Select locations where your youth program will take place. Provide additional detail (such as campus buildings, addresses, etc.) in the text box. You may also upload this information. This should reflect where interactions with youth are held.
    • Enter personnel affiliated with this session. Revisit the roles tutorial above for help. For each, click “Add a New Person” to open a search box connected to the UW Directory. You may also add those without UW NetIDs or upload a spreadsheet for mass entry.
      • Authorized Personnel: at least one authorized personnel is required. Your program director will automatically be designated as authorized personnel.
      • Other Personnel: enter the names of other personnel affiliated with your program, who will not have unsupervised access to youth.

Step 8. Add Another Session: If you want to register another session at this time, use the “Add Another Session” tool at the bottom of the page to add additional sessions. You may use the “copy” features to copy details from the session you just entered to the new one. Or, simply follow the steps above for each session of the program you will offer. 

Step 9. When you have entered your last session, click “Next” at the bottom of the page. 

Step 10. If you are missing any required information, the incomplete fields will be listed on the next page. Revisit any tabs highlighted in red to input missing information. 

Step 11. Once all required fields are complete, you will be asked to certify your understanding of your requirements as a University activity governed by APS 10.13. Enter your initials to certify your agreement.

Step 12. You will then be taken to a Review page. Review your content for accuracy, and when complete, click “Submit Registration Form.”