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Phase 1: Self Assessment

The first phase of the YPAI is designed to help you assess your implementation of the foundational principles of APS 10.13. Once submitted, you will receive feedback and resources to assist you with strengthening any areas in which you feel you can improve.

What’s involved in Phase 1 of the YPAI?

The first phase of the YPAI is a self assessment of your program’s implementation of APS 10.13:

  1. Registration in the Youth Program Registration System (YPRS)
  2. Requirements for Authorized Personnel (training, background checks, and conduct)
  3. Reporting suspected child abuse and neglect and behaviors of concern
  4. Creation of safe environments
  5. Emergency preparedness and response
  6. Privacy provisions

More information about all of the above requirements is available in the APS 10.13 Policy Resource Guide.

The self assessment includes two types of required questions:

  1. A series of Likert scale (1-6) prompts will ask you to evaluate your program on your implementation of APS 10.13 policy components. The goal of the Likert scale is to honestly self reflect on your program to understand areas of strength and areas of improvement.
  2. Open-ended text boxes will ask you to indicate one strength and one area for growth for each policy component.

You will also be given a chance to identify any resources or supports that would help you better achieve a given requirement.

This process should take approximately 60 minutes to complete in total.

Keep in mind: Responses that accurately reflect your current practices will allow OYPC to better engage in deeper and more constructive dialog with you. We encourage you to rate yourself honestly.

You may preview the YPAI Self Assessment here.

YPAI task deadlines align with programming. For example, if your program operates in the summer, your deadline will coincide with the end of summer quarter. To see your specific program deadline, log into the Youth Program Registration System. Your YPAI task will be accessible via the red “Action Required” box on the top of your home screen, and your program deadline will be listed there. You may submit your self assessment anytime after October 1 leading up to your program’s specific deadline.


The self assessment should be completed by the program director or another staff member who has responsibility for or oversight of program operations. You may also wish to ask other program staff for feedback on how to answer the self assessment questions.

We anticipate it will take no more than 60 minutes to complete the Self Assessment.

When you are ready, log into YPRS to access your Phase 1 Self Assessment in YPRS. You are not required to complete the assessment all at once. You may complete part of it, save it, and return to it at a later date.

General feedback on Likert-scale responses will be immediately available to you in the YPRS and via email. This feedback will be based on the score (1-6) you awarded yourself for each metric.

Within 60 days of your submission, OYPC will provide you with individualized feedback (again via email and in the YPRS). This feedback will reflect your Likert scale answers in conjunction with your open-ended responses.

Both types of feedback are designed to offer suggestions to strengthen your programming in these policy areas. Our hope is that you will use this feedback to strengthen your program practices going forward.

On October 1, you will be advanced to Phase 2 of the YPAI. Learn more about Phase 2 here.

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