Relevance of APS 10.13 to research

The purpose of APS 10.13 Requirements for University and Third Party Led Youth Programs is to establish minimum requirements that serve as safeguards in protecting the well-being of youth (persons under the age of 18) who come into contact with University programs.

Research that is overseen by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) has some safeguards in place for “vulnerable populations,” including youth. APS 10.13 addresses additional critical safety and prevention measures such as background screening, training, conduct or personnel who interact with youth, emergency preparedness and response, and more broadly-defined health and safety measures that are not addressed by IRB requirements.


This policy applies to all research led by the University of Washington that includes youth as a primary subject population and that involves in-person or virtual (e.g., online) interactions with youth.

Research activities may take place on campus or off campus, including international locations.

Retrospective research that does not involve current or future in-person or virtual interactions with youth is not required to follow this policy.

Non-UW led research (i.e., third party led research) is not required to follow this policy.

Policy requirements

  • Registration of your research in the Youth Program Registration System (YPRS)
    View a guide for researchers on using the YPRS [pdf]
  • Screening, training and conduct requirements for “authorized personnel”
    Note that licensed medical practitioners may be exempted from the training and conduct requirements, given equivalent requirements of their license. Researchers who are not licensed medical practitioners must meet by all requirements for authorized personnel.
  • Reporting suspected child abuse or neglect and behaviors of concern
  • Maintaining safe environments
  • Emergency and safety planning and response
  • Privacy practices*
    *IRB approved research is exempt from the Privacy Policy for UW Youth Programs, due to existing IRB privacy notice and consent requirements.

These requirements are further detailed in the APS 10.13 Policy Resource Guide.

For more information view the Research FAQs