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YPRS Tutorial: Adding personnel without UW NetIDs

Anytime you are asked in the registration form to enter personnel, you can easily add those with UW NetIDs by using the search tool connected to the UW Directory. However, you can also add non-UW NetID holders, using these instructions:

Step 1. In the section of the form where you are entering personnel, click the “Add a New Person” button.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, enter the person’s last and first names and click “Search.” This will search BOTH the UW Directory and the Youth Program Registration System and return results from both.

Step 3. If there are no exact matches in either YPRS or the UW Directory, the system will return an error and allow you to enter information to add a new person.

Step 4. Re-enter the person’s first and last name and an email address. The email address functions as their unique identifier, as a UW NetID does for UW employees and students.

Step 5. Click “Add New Person” to finish.