APS 10.13 requires all UW and third party led youth programs to register with the YPRS. For guidance on the full policy, please see the APS 10.13 Policy Resource Guide. The YPRS supports youth protection at UW by collecting information about the many youth programs at, and affiliated with, UW. This information allows us to provide youth programs with better educational information and support, thereby ensuring high quality, safe programming.

Register a youth program in the YPRS

An accessible version of the YPRS is available.

Registration Basics

For UW led youth programs

  1. Register your program in the YPRS.
    • We recommend beginning this process about 6 weeks before your activity is scheduled to begin. This ensures adequate time for completing subsequent requirements.
    • During registration, you will be asked to designate your authorized personnel.
    • See the tutorials below for registration guidance.
  2. Once your form is submitted, the YPRS will notify authorized personnel of any unmet requirements for authorized personnel and guide them through completing these requirements.
  3. You may use the YPRS to track compliance with the above requirements in real time and send personalized reminders to staff to complete requirements.
    • Compliance is represented as completion of those elements before the start date of the session.
    • Should authorized personnel not complete the requirements before the start date of the session, they will be considered out of compliance for that session and the session will be considered non-compliant.

For third party led youth programs

For non-UW youth programs (i.e., third party led youth programs using UW facilities), a UW representative of the host facility or department must register the program. Hosting departments must register the program before the start date of the program. Information about third party personnel is not collected and compliance information is not represented in the YPRS.

Need help?

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