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Youth Program Assessment Initiative


The Youth Program Assessment Initiative (YPAI) will evaluate how successfully UW led youth programs are implementing the Requirements for University and Third Party Led Youth Programs (APS 10.13). This process, along with real-time tracking of Authorized Personnel pre-service requirements through the YPRS, provide a holistic picture of all University requirements for youth programs.

Note that the YPAI does not involve UW-led research and evaluation initiatives at this time.


Through this assessment, youth programs will be able to:

  • Engage in deeper dialog about what it takes to successfully implement APS 10.13 in each unique setting.
  • Cultivate a culture of continual improvement and growth mindset that connects University requirements with youth program best practices.
  • Reflect on the relevance of the existing policy components and their effectiveness as protective measures for youth; this information may guide policy revisions in the future.

What to expect from the YPAI process


Programs will undergo a four-phase cycle of ongoing self-evaluation, documentation review, observation, and conversation with OYPC. Each cycle is tracked and completed within the Youth Program Registration System (YPRS).

Programs advance into a new phase each year on October 1. Deadlines for youth program YPAI tasks are staggered throughout the year to align with programming dates and to allow OYPC time for thorough review. To see your specific program deadline, log into the Youth Program Registration System (YPRS). Your YPAI phase, task, and deadline will be accessible on your home screen dashboard.

During each phase, the youth program will submit information to OYPC in YPRS. In turn, OYPC will provide feedback designed to help the youth program strengthen your practice in the specific policy area. This feedback should be incorporated into program operations and will serve to advance your successful implementation of the policy requirements.

More information about Phases


OYPC has devised a cohort model, grouping programs that are in the same units or colleges into the same phase of YPAI activity. Each cohort is made up of the youth programs in several colleges/units. Programs within the same college may have shared procedures, manuals, etc. that can be leveraged as a group. Youth programs are encouraged to connect with colleagues to share best practices and consider ways to standardize youth protection practices throughout a college, school, or office and strengthen continuity across our campuses.

More information about Cohorts

Accomplishing YPAI activities with external partners

UW youth programs in partnership with external organizations should review our guidance and considerations for UW youth programs in partnerships with external organizations to learn more about how University requirements intersect with partnerships, i.e., how and when to involve those external organizations in implementation and assessment of UW policy. In some cases, UW youth programs may need to involve external partners in your YPAI responses.