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YPRS Tutorial: Copy a Previous Session

This feature is intended for those that wish to replicate content from previous sessions for a future session. 

How to copy an existing session in new YPRS registration: 

Step 1. Login to your YPRS dashboard. Click the box on the left of your dashboard that says, “Register a Youth program”.  

Step 2. Once you click, “Register a Youth Program”, a window will open asking you to complete the In-Scope Questions, to determine if you are registering a youth program/session. Answer the following questions to determine if your session is in-scope. If it is, click “Next” to continue to step 3.  

Step 3. You will be asked if you want to select from an existing list of programs. This is most often the case. If you are creating a session that is being run under an already existing program, find the program in the list, and click select. Note the definition of a “program” at the top of the screen for reference. 


Once you select the existing program, you can scroll down and it will show you the copied program attributes, program website, campus affiliation, program description, etc. If you confirm that all that information is still correct and up to date, click “Next”. 

Step 4. You will be asked if you would like to copy from a previous session. Select “Yes” and you will be prompted to choose an existing session.  

Step 5. If you are copying information from an existing session, choose the existing session you would like to replicate.  

Step 6. You will be prompted to input information that is unique to this session, e.g., Session Name, Date and Time.  

One you input the new information unique to the session, scroll through the copied information to ensure it is all accurate to the session you are registering. Information that has been copied includes session attributes, number of participants, location, etc.  

 Step 7. Before finishing the registration, you will be required to enter session contact information as well as authorized personnel. As with any registration, this information can be changed at any time, as more people may join as authorized personnel after you have submitted this registration form.  

Step 8. Once you have input all of the new information and reviewed all copied information, you will click “Next”. This will take you to the Certification page, where you will review and sign with your initials, agreeing to the listed statement.  

You are ready to submit your registration! Keep in mind that soon after you submit your registration, auto notifications will begin being sent to all the people you listed as authorized personnel.  

If you have any questions regarding this process, you may contact the Office of the Youth Protection Coordinator at or schedule a consult with our office.