Youth at UW

Steps to take before inviting minors to a UW program or activity

Are you planning a UW event or activity for minors (youth under the age of 18)? Consult the following guidelines that outline steps to take in planning a safe and appropriate program for minors. Note for student-run clubs: follow the policy in the RSO handbook for hosting events for minors.

Prior to an event or activity

1. Program planning

Define your purpose, target audience and goals for the youth who will be involved. Plan safe and developmentally appropriate activities. Understand and mitigate the risks involved with certain activities.

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2. Program enrollment

Gather only ‘need to know’ information about your youth participants. Allow for parents or guardians to provide informed consent and acknowledgment of risks associated with the program. Also set expectations for behavior and successful participation.

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3. Staff and volunteer screening

Review qualifications and carry out background checks for all relevant paid and volunteer positions.

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4. Staff and volunteer training and onboarding

Orient and train staff and volunteers prior to working with youth. Set clear expectations for interacting with minors.

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During an event or activity

1. Supervision

Ensure that there enough adults supervising activities.

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2. Incident response

Respond to and report any incidents that occur during the program.

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After an event or activity

Records retention

Keep records in a secure location per UW records management requirements.

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For additional information, contact the Office for Youth Programs Development and Support at or 206-616-5153.