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Office of the Youth Protection Coordinator

Youth Program Best Practices

Resources and information for youth programs

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Requirements for UW- and third party-led youth programs

Expectations per APS 10.13

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Youth program directory

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Browse the youth program offerings available at UW

UW Youth Program Directory

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View standard documents, tools and templates for youth programs

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Who we are:

We are a centralized resource for all UW employees whose work engages with youth (individuals under the age of 18).

What we do:

We establish guidelines and best practices that promote the safety and well-being of youth engaged in UW’s programs, activities, events, and research. We provide training, educational resources, and coordinate efforts across the University. Our services are guided by nationally recognized best practices, policies, laws and regulations, and exemplary practices found within the UW.

Why it matters:

Historically, universities are set up to serve adult students, faculty, researchers and staff. However, we serve tens of thousands of young people each year in a myriad of ways. The UW operates or hosts over 200 programs and activities involving more than 250,000 youth each year. UW leadership is committed to ensuring that youth who engage with the university are protected from harm and have a high-quality experience.

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