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Our office

Our Mission 

The Office of the Youth Protection Coordinator is a champion for youth safety and well-being in the University. We lead the development of strong policies and practices and promote safe and high quality experiences for youth who engage with University programs and research.

Our Vision

OYPC envisions a University of Washington where… 

youth and their families are welcomed as members of the University community and have a safe, enriching and inclusive experience.

youth programs are valued by the University and operate as a collaborative community that strengthens their collective impact.

the University community as a whole recognizes youth and their families as contributors to our educational and strategic mission.

Our Values


Partnership strengthens our ability to achieve positive outcomes for youth. We strive to cultivate relational, proactive partnerships dedicated to ensuring that youth well-being is recognized as a core value of the University.


We commit to expanding access to high quality, safe and enriching youth programs at the University. We hold ourselves responsible for addressing systemic oppression in our work, and are committed to fostering an inclusive youth program environment through our actions and partnerships.

Growth mindset

We strive to act with competence and humility, acknowledging the extent of our knowledge and expertise and always remaining committed to learning. We incorporate research, innovative practices and the experiences of peer institutions into our contributions to the University community and to the broader field of youth protection. 


Our interactions with the University community are guided first and foremost by our ethical responsibility to care for and protect youth. 

Youth-centered approach

Youth are at the center of all we do. We act as a coordinated voice for youth and seek to elevate the needs of youth throughout the University.

Our History

This office was born out of a Safety of Minors Committee recommendation.


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