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APS 10.13 applies to all programs, activities, and research operated or sponsored by the University of Washington that are created for, or directed at, a youth audience.

Activities may take place on campus, off campus or virtually/online.

The policy applies to UW led programs regardless of whether parents, guardians, or other caregivers, e.g., teachers or chaperones are also involved.

Third party-led activities using UW facilities are also required to meet the standards set in this policy.

APS 10.13 for Third Parties

Included: required to follow APS 10.13

Any UW program, activity, event or research directed at youth are required to follow this policy. Examples:

  • Athletic recruiting
  • Campus, museum, and other educational tour programs
  • Childcare and pre-school
  • College access support programs
  • Educational enrichment
  • Educational outreach (K-12)
  • Non-clinical educational programming provided to youth by any UW affiliated medical center
  • Pre-college outreach and recruiting
  • Research involving youth as a primary subject (APS 10.13 information specific to research can be found here)
  • Sports camps and clinics
  • Summer camps
  • Tutoring programs

Excluded: not required to follow APS 10.13

  • Public events, e.g., graduation, sporting events, or other campus activities that are NOT specifically designed for, or directed at, youth
  • Academic courses and related activities for matriculated UW students that are not specifically designed for or directed at youth
  • Health related services provided to youth in a UW clinical setting (e.g., any UW affiliated medical center)
  • Employers of youth in a work environment that is not specifically designed for or directed at youth
  • Third party-led research, i.e., research conducted by a non-UW Principal Investigator.

Programs, activities, events, or research that are excluded from APS 10.13 are still required to follow other policies and laws that address the safety of youth.

Policies and laws regarding minors

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