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YPRS Tutorial: Editing program-level details of existing registrations

The Youth Program Registration System collects information at two “levels”: the program level and the session level. Program-level information is big-picture information about your program name and purpose, and who occupies key leadership roles. Session-level information documents individual interactions with youth by collecting date, location and further personnel information. Most session information can only be edited by OYPC staff, but program information can be edited by those designated as program directors or program contacts, using these instructions.

Note: research registration forms collect all study information at the equivalent of the session-level. Research studies may use these instructions to edit study roles, but should use this tutorial to edit other details.

Step 1. Log into the Youth Program Registration System with your UW NetID and password. 

Step 2. From the dashboard, select “Sessions.”

Step 3. In the upper right, click “Edit a Youth Program.”

Step 4. If you have registered multiple programs, use the dropdown box below to choose the youth program you wish to view. If you have only registered one, the details will automatically appear. On the “Setup” tab, edit any of your program details: campus and department affiliation, program description and type, and age of participants. Changes will save automatically.

Step 5. Click the “Program Roles” tab to view or edit any of the roles related to the selected program. Note: all roles used in the YPRS will display, not just those used within your program type (UW led youth program, third party led youth program, or research study). For more about roles and their meanings, see our Understanding Roles resource.

a) To remove a currently listed person, click the “Remove” button to the right of the person’s name. You must list at least one person in each of the roles applicable to your program type.

b) To add another person to one of the roles, click the “+ Add [Role]” button below the list of current designees.