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Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I know which Modification Request type to choose?

Submitting Modification Requests in SAGE require you to select either a Modification Request to OSP/GCA or a Modification Request to GCA only. So how do you know which request to select?

All changes that require sponsor approval, an authorized official signature, or review from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), must be requested via a Modification Request (OSP/GCA) in SAGE Awards. Modification requests that do not need OSP handling and can be submitted via a Modification Request (GCA only).

Modification Request (OSP/GCA)

Many items you used to send to OSP via email or even on an eGC1 will now route via Modification Request (OSP/GCA). These may include:

  • Change of PI or other key personnel
  • F&A Waivers
  • No-cost extension requests
  • Temporary award extension requests
  • Rebudgeting (requiring sponsor approval)
  • Non-SNAP Progress Report submission requests
  • Requests to release a funding restriction
  • Adding new subawards not identified in a proposal
  • Start date change (requiring sponsor approval)
  • And moreā€¦

Sending your award modification any other way, such as via email or Docusign, will result in delay and re-work. Please send award modifications via SAGE. Review more details and guidance on Award Changes.

Modification Requests (GCA only)

Items you used to send to GCA via Grant Tracker will now be requested via a Modification Request (GCA only). These include:

  • Requests to create new or existing award lines (formerly known as TRANSPASUs)
  • Date changes that fall within sponsor authorized performance period or for approved pre-award spend
  • Cost share changes
  • Location changes
  • Cost Center changes

Note: If you submit a (GCA only) Modification Request and it requires sponsor approval, GCA will return to campus and you will need to resubmit a MOD Request (OSP/GCA).

You can find more information about these (GCA only) Modification Requests along with what types of changes can be requested through Award Portal.