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Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) SAMPLE


UW Approved Non-Disclosure Agreement SAMPLE Instructions

This sample is designed for review only. Do not make any changes to this sample agreement.

If the sponsor is willing to accept these Non-Disclosure Terms AS IS without changes:

  1. Prepare a Non-Award Agreement (NAA) eGC1 in SAGE.
  2.  Include:
    • Sponsor name and contact information,
    • Details on the purpose of agreement.
  3. Make a note requesting OSP issue the UW approved NDA template to the Sponsor.
  4. After receipt of an unmodified, signed template from the Sponsor, OSP will:
    • Review, sign, and attach a copy of the fully executed  agreement in SAGE and provide a copy  to the sponsor.

Review detailed instructions for completing an NAA eGC1.

Avoid potential delays:

  • Include Sponsor name and contact information in the NAA eGC1
  • Do not make changes to the sample agreement.
    • UW approved sample templates are designed to be reviewed AS IS without modifications.
  • Do not save copies of this agreement sample, it may change.

Already have an agreement from the Sponsor?

  • Prepare a Non-Award Agreement (NAA) eGC1, following the NAA eGC1 instructions.
    • Include sponsor contact information and purpose of the agreement.
  • OSP will review and contact the Sponsor for negotiation of terms as needed.

Note: approval of an eGC1 does not imply approval or acceptance of attached agreements.