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Assign Primary Contact

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The primary contact role is assigned by default to the person who created the study in Zipline. The primary contact:

  • Receives all communications from the IRB (as does the PI and any PI Proxies)
  • Can be changed at any time throughout the life of the study
  • May edit the study
  • May or may not be a member of the study team

1. Click Assign Primary Contact in the study workspace

screenshot of the Assign Primary Contact activity in the study workspace

2. Click the ellipsis next to the current primary contact

screenshot of the ellipsis button in the Assign Primary Contact window

3. Select the new primary contact from the list and click OK

  • NOTE: All users must have a Zipline account before they can be added to a study in Zipline. If the person you want to add is not on the list, they must create a Zipline account.

screenshot of the select person window showing the new primary contact being selected

4. Click OK in the Assign Primary Contact window

screenshot of the OK button in the Assign Primary Contact window

The new primary contact should now be listed in the study workspace.

screenshot of the updated primary contact in the study workspace