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Assign PI Proxy

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The Principal Investigator (PI) can assign a proxy who can perform all actions normally restricted to the PI on a study, such as submitting the application to HSD, submitting modifications and continuing review, and copying a previously created study. A proxy receives e-mail notifications from the IRB system whenever the PI and primary contact receive them.

A proxy must be a member of the study team. For more information on adding someone to the study team, see Updating the Study Team.

The PI retains the ability to perform all PI actions and can add or remove the proxy role at any time.

1. Click Assign PI Proxy in the study workspace

screenshot of the Assign PI Proxy action

2. Click the ellipsis

Screenshot of the ellipsis button in the Assign PI Proxy window

3. Select one or more team members to act as proxy

  • NOTE: If the intended PI proxy does not appear on the list, make sure that the person has been added to the study team. See Updating the Study Team.

screenshot of the select person window showing the PI proxy being selected

4. Click OK in the Select Person slide in and in the Assign PI Proxy popup window

screenshot of the OK button in the Assign PI Proxy window

  1. The PI proxy is now listed in the study workspace

screenshot of the study workspace showing the added PI proxy