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How do I know if I should create an Award Setup Request or a Modification Request?

When to Create an Award Setup Request

Create an Award Setup Request (ASR) when you receive a Notice of Award from the sponsor (whether or not OSP is included on the notification) and your award is:

  • A new award or 
  • A competing renewal  

New awards and competing renewals are set up in Workday with a new Workday award number.

A new award is an award that is new to the UW or an award that is transferring from another institution. 

A competing renewal is an award of new funding to continue an existing project, based on a competing application to the sponsor. 

When to Create a Modification Request

Create a Modification Request (MOD) when you are requesting changes to an award that is already set up in Workday Finance.

Review How do I know which Modification Type to choose? to help determine whether to create an OSP/GCA modification or a GCA Only modification type.

Award Setup Resources

Modification Resources