UW Research

March 1, 2024

02/29/24 SAGE Update

The following email was sent to the SAGE and MRAM mailing lists on Friday, 03/01/24, following the SAGE release.

The following features were released by ORIS the evening of Thursday, February 29. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at sagehelp@uw.edu.

SAGE to Workday Integration

To assist Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) with their workflow, the SAGE to Workday integration has been expanded. For new and in-flight Award Setup Requests (ASRs), the SAGE Budget amounts are now sent to Workday via integration to populate Workday award plans. This saves GCA time spent manually entering these details, especially for ASRs with multiple periods and multiple SAGE Budget worksheets.Additional SAGE releases are planned for March 2024 to continue improving SAGE processes and efficiency. If you have any questions or encounter issues, please reach out to sagehelp@uw.edu.The Office of Research Information Services (ORIS)