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August 8, 2023

Recent SAGE Updates

The SAGE team continues to address high-priority issues and updates to the SAGE Suite. Please review the following summary of recent updates, updates coming soon, and helpful resources. If you have any questions, reach out to us at sagehelp@uw.edu.

Completed Updates

  • Modification Request Validations: The following validations have been added to Modifications to ensure the form is completed correctly:
    • A message will display on the “Review & Submit” section to confirm the Award Preparer is added to the “Access & Roles” section.
    • A gray check mark will display next to each section of the Modification that has been completed.
  • Users Able to Approve Advances: Previously, campus approvers were unable to approve advances when a newly created eGC1 included only the Cost Center, and the Organization Code (Org Code) did not exist. This fix allows these Advances to be approved by department approvers.
  • Approval Workflow Now Generates Correctly When Award Preparer Is Added: Approval workflows for Award Setup Requests and Modifications were not generating correctly when an award preparer was added to the eGC1 after the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) had created the Award Setup Request or Modification. Campus users can now refresh the Approvals page to generate the correct approval workflow so that the Award Setup Request or Modification can be submitted.
  • Deletion of OSP-Initiated Award Setup Requests: As noted in a previous announcement, Award Setup Requests initiated by OSP cannot be deleted by campus users in order to prevent accidental loss of OSP work.

Updates Coming Soon

  • Update an Incorrectly Connected eGC1 or Budget on Award Setup Requests: Users will soon be able to update eGC1s or budgets that were erroneously connected to an Award Setup Request in composing, returned, or withdrawn status.

Helpful Resources

We appreciate your patience and feedback. Please reach out to sagehelp@uw.edu with any comments or questions.

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