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Policies, Procedures and Guidance

Policies, Procedures and Guidance for the Office of Research.
Name Type Updated Owner Download
ZIPLINE WIRB Process Diagram Procedures & Guidance 05/18/2016 HSD [Download]
ZIPLINE SOP RNI Reporting by Researchers SOP 09/19/2017 HSD [Download]
ZIPLINE GUIDANCE: Data Security Protections Procedures & Guidance 09/19/2017 HSD [Download]
ZIPLINE Conversion Quick Tips Procedures & Guidance 04/20/2017 HSD [Download]
ZIPLINE Conversion Preparation Checklist Checklist/ Matrix 04/20/2017 HSD [Download]
WebQ Source Document Procedures & Guidance 05/09/2011 HSD [Download]
Vice Provost for Research Delegation Memo Policy 08/09/2013 HSD [Download]
UW PNNL Dual Appointment
UW Patent Assignment Agreement
Using Records without Consent Procedures & Guidance 08/12/2011 HSD [Download]