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Beta-Testing: New IRB Application for Exempt Research

Dec 22, 2010 at 2:19pm

HSD has begun beta-testing the new IRB Initial Application: Request for Determination of Exempt Status. The form, guidance, and link to the online survey are available here: Beta Test - New IRB Application for Exempt Research.

UW researchers, both faculty and students, are welcome to participate in the beta-testing and use the test form and guidance, OR continue to use the existing Certificate of Exemption form. 

Participants in the beta-testing will:

  • Complete the test form.
  • Submit the test form for review under the current process for exempt research.
  • Complete an online survey to provide feedback about the test form and guidance.

Highlights of the new form include an extensive revision of the general questions, as well as the inclusion of exempt category-specific questions.  A robust guidance document has also been created to guide researchers through the exempt determination process.

Comments or questions can be directed to hsdforms@uw.edu.