UW Research

Policies, Procedures, and Guidance

Policies, Procedures, and Guidance for the Office of Research. Includes GIMs, SOPs, Guidance and more.
Name Type Updated Owner Download
GUIDANCE Department of Defense Procedures & Guidance 12/28/2021 HSD
GUIDANCE Key Information About UW as a Single IRB Procedures & Guidance 01/10/2024 HSD [Download]
INFORMATION SHEET Single IRB Review Process Diagram Procedures & Guidance 06/30/2022 HSD [Download]
GUIDANCE Electronic Consent Signatures Procedures & Guidance 10/08/2021 HSD
GUIDANCE Cold Contact Recruitment Procedures & Guidance 03/27/2020 HSD
GUIDANCE Expanded Access Procedures & Guidance 08/25/2022 HSD
GUIDANCE Humanitarian Use Device Procedures & Guidance 08/25/2022 HSD
Process to Request Reappointment for a UW Faculty with a UW/PNNL Dual Appointment Procedures & Guidance 11/02/2023
SOP IRB Member Standards and Responsibilities SOP 02/01/2024 HSD [Download]
SOP Appeal of IRB or HSD Determination SOP 06/26/2020 HSD [Download]