UW Research

Policies, Procedures and Guidance



This document provides guidance about the research use of protected health information (PHI), as governed by federal HIPAA regulations, WA state laws, and UW institutional policies.

Change Notes

Removed reference to SCCA – 09.20.2022
Additional clarification about decedents and HIPAA – 11.23.2021
Updated information about decedents and Washington State law RCW 70.02; updated links – 06.24.2021
Add requirement for HSD approval for use of e-signature for UW research reviewed by an external IRB; add DocuSign as valid tool for capturing HIPAA authorization e-signatures – 03.25.2021
Addition of REDCap as option for e-consent – 10.15.2020
Removed statement that Northwest Hospital is not part of the UW covered entity – 01.31.2020
Removed reference to Washington State Confidentiality Agreement – 12.13.2019
Clarification that Madison Clinic is part of the UW HIPAA Covered Entity – 08.31.2018
Updated links to UW Medicine Compliance Policies – 02.07.2018