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Forms and Templates

Forms, templates, and worksheets from the Office of Research.
Media type Name Updated Subject Owner Download
docx CITI Registration Instructions 06/24/2021 CITI Registration HSD [Download]
docx WORKSHEET Clinical Trial Registration 05/11/2017 Clinical Trials HSD [Download]
docx Clinical Trial Registration Work Flow 02/13/2017 Clinical Trials HSD [Download]
pdf INSTRUCTIONS and NOTIFICATION Compassionate Use, Device 06/24/2021 Compassionate Use HSD [Download]
pdf WORKSHEET Consent Requirements and Waivers 08/04/2022 Consent HSD [Download]
doc TEMPLATE Consent Form, Short (English) 08/26/2016 Consent HSD [Download]
docx TEMPLATE Consent Form, Standard 08/04/2022 Consent HSD [Download]
docx TEMPLATE Consent, Exempt Research 08/04/2022 Consent HSD [Download]
docx EXAMPLE Key Information 10/28/2021 Consent [Download]
pdf Controlled Information Categories Controlled Information Categories for Classified or Restricted Research ORC [Download]