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Frequently-Asked Questions

When do I need to create a SAGE Modification Request for a progress report?

While a Modification Request (MOD) is not required when the sponsor allows a PI to directly submit a progress report, a MOD is still required for many other types of progress reports.
OSP will return MODs without review when submitted and they are not needed.

Use a SAGE Modification Request (OSP/GCA) when a sponsor:

Requires OSP signature or submission on a progress report such as:

  • NIH non-SNAP Annual RPPR
  • Sponsor requests related to progress reports that require OSP signature or submission, such as non-SNAP Progress Report Additional Materials (PRAM) and Interim Report Additional Materials (IRAM).
  • Some federal flow-through awards, IF the pass-through entity requires a signature or a Letter of Intent.
    • Don’t assume they require a signature.
    • Confirm with the pass-through entity before preparing the modification request.

MODs are NOT needed for progress reports/RPPRs when:

  • Sponsor allows direct submission of the progress report by the PI.
  • NIH: SNAP eligible Annual, Interim, or Final RPPRs
  • NIH: Interim and Final RPPRs
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (FHCC)
    • FHCC does not require OSP signature on progress report materials / Letter of Intent for non-competing years.

Whether a MOD is required for a progress report or not, don’t forget to update the personnel section of the original eGC1 whenever personnel join or leave a research project.

Personnel added to an eGC1 will need to complete disclosure in the Financial Interest Disclosure System (FIDS).