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Frequently-Asked Questions

Is my eGC1 ready?

The following list represents a selection of questions to ask yourself when preparing your eGC1 for submission.

  • When a sponsor system is involved (e.g. Research.gov, Workspace, ASSIST, etc.), have you given the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) access to the proposal in that system?
  • Did you follow ALL sponsor formatting requirements and page limits?
  • Did you run all validation checks in the eGC1 and sponsor electronic submission systems?
  • Is all information in the eGC1, including dates, budget, and compliance questions consistent with the application?
  • Did you proofread and correct any mistakes in the application?
  • Is the entire proposal in final format, including all required sponsor forms, components, sections, and attachments?
  • Have you replaced draft documents with final versions, including updating titles to remove “draft” and replace with “final”?
  • Did you organize required sponsor documents as either:
    • a single file in order specified by sponsor, OR
    • 2 PDF files: one containing the entire grant application (ordered as specified by the sponsor); the other containing just pages requiring signatures.
  • Did you address all of required changes from OSP’s review?
  • Did you mark the eGC1 “Ready to Submit” YES

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