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Updated February 15, 2024

With UWFT, the new SAGE Award feature streamlines the award setup and modification process, and provides transparency into key award information. To help with award management, the award details and modification requests are viewable from both SAGE and Workday.

SAGE Award Highlights:

  • New SAGE forms and system functionality replace email communications
  • A familiar, user friendly experience in SAGE, similar to advance requests
  • Autofill of eGC1 and SAGE Budget information on award request forms
  • Shared views for award preparers and reviewers to improve collaboration
  • Visibility into award status, history, and communication
  • Integrations with Workday for added streamlining of award setup

SAGE Award Workflow

Award Workflow Overview

  1. eGC1 is approved and the Notice of Award (NoA) is received.
  2. Initiate award setup request in SAGE. If only the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) receives the NoA, they will initiate the request. Otherwise, campus users will initiate the request.
  3. Copy and modify an existing budget (or create a new SAGE Budget).
  4. Link the eGC1 and SAGE Budget to the award.
  5. Complete required award fields and submit the award setup request for review and processing.
  6. OSP and GCA review, approve, and process the award setup request.
  7. Once approved, the award appears in Workday, spending is enabled, and you receive a notification that the award is ready!
  8. From Workday you can begin all activity on your award.

High-Level Award Workflow Diagram

In-Depth Award Workflow Diagram

This image represents the workflow of a SAGE Award. The entire workflow illustrates the major steps from initiation in SAGE to setup in Workday. It begins with an eGC1 being approved and a notice of award (NoA) received. Then, administrators will create a SAGE Award Budget and initiate a SAGE Award Setup Request. After those steps are complete, an administrator will link the SAGE eGC1 and Budget. Then, an award will be completed and submitted to OSP, which will either forward it on to GCA or return it to campus for more information. GCA then initiates the award integration and processing in Workday, then the administrator will receive a notification that their award is ready.

Awards Section and Landing Page

To access SAGE Awards, select the new AWARDS tab. From here, the SAGE Awards landing page includes the option to create a request, view a list of all Award and Modification Requests, as well as links to helpful resources. The Processed Awards list will be available soon.

SAGE Awards landing page

Award Setup Request

Review the Tips for Success – Award Setup and Modification Requests in SAGE webpage for guidance.

Campus units (you) and the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) both receive notice of awards (NoAs) from sponsors and can create Award Setup Requests in SAGE. However,

  • When the PI/campus unit receives an award, whether or not OSP is included, the PI/campus unit should create an Award Setup Request as soon as possible. This will ensure a complete Award Setup Request gets to the appropriate OSP reviewer as timely as possible.
  • When OSP receives or retrieves an Award and the PI is not included on the notification, OSP will create an Award Setup Request and route it to campus for completion.

After you initiate an award setup request, by default the General Information page displays with pre-populated details from your eGC1 (Title, Periods, Sponsor Details, PI/Department, etc.). You can update the General Information sections as needed.

SAGE Award General Information

Create & Link SAGE Award Budget

Your SAGE Award Budget (created by copying or creating a new SAGE Budget) identifies how you would like your awarded funds to be set up in Workday.

From the Budget & Award Lines section, search for your SAGE Award Budget by PI, Title, or BudgetID, and connect it to your Award Setup Request.

SAGE Award Budget

Select your budget and the authorized periods, and your budget information displays here! Any changes made to your SAGE Budget syncs back to the award request form, up until it is submitted for routing. If there is a difference between your SAGE Budget and the Sponsor Award, review the Guidelines for a Budget Difference Between the SAGE Award Budget and the Sponsor Award job aid for getting your SAGE award budget and the amount awarded by the sponsor to match.

New SAGE Award Setup Request with Budget & Award Line fields displaying.

Clinical Trials Office (CTO) Budgets ONLY: Create & Link Minimum Information SAGE Award Budget

Clinical Trials Office (CTO) Budgets (Creating a Clinical Trials Budget for SAGE Awards Job Aid): Budgets that will run through CTO review and Oncore billing will enter the following minimum information in a single SAGE Budget worksheet with $0 amount. This setup should only take a few minutes:

Budget Settings

  • Budget Title
  • Budget Start Date
  • Total number of periods (defaults to 1)

Worksheet Settings

  • Primary Worksheet Title
  • Cost Center
  • Activity Location
  • Sponsored Program Activity Category
  • Sponsored Program Activity Type
  • Base Type (F&A need)

Budget Entry

  • Add a Principal Investigator for each worksheet
  • Enter $0 budget amounts for their salary
  • No other line item entry is required for the budget

After you create your SAGE Budget, link it to your Award Setup Request.


SFI disclosure and FCOI training status auto-populate from the eGC1. Missing disclosures or training display here to remind you of any actions needed.

SAGE Awards SFI & FCOI section


Cost Share information auto-populates from your eGC1. From here, you can upload an updated Cost Share Addendum as needed.

SAGE Awards Cost Share section

Supporting Attachments

Easily upload any additional attachments relevant to your award.

SAGE Awards supporting attachments section

Review & Submit Award to OSP

Review a read-only version of your SAGE Award Setup Request before submitting it to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). If the award is missing any information, this clearly displays at the top of the page.

New SAGE Award open with Review and Submit section displaying.

OSP & GCA Review/Approve

OSP will review your SAGE Award Setup Request and either approve it or return it if changes are needed. Once approved, OSP will send it to GCA for review and approval. GCA can return the award to OSP and request corrections, or return it directly to you for corrections. Once approved, GCA will integrate the award data from SAGE to Workday.

Monitor Award Requests

Once a request has been started, it will display in the Award Requests list, linked to from the Award Landing Page. Search, filter and sort the list to find the awards or award modifications of interest.

Award Requests List

Receive Notification When the Award is Ready

Once your SAGE Award is approved, set up in Workday, and ready to use, you will receive a notification that the award is ready. At this point, you will use Workday for spending, reviewing invoices, and tracking expenditures.

COMING SOON: SAGE Award Activity Record

Once your SAGE Award Setup Request is processed, view the current award information at any time from the SAGE Award Activity Record. To access the SAGE Award Activity Record, select the award from your Processed Awards List, linked from the Award Landing Page. From here, review items related to the award including:

  • Award overview information
  • Actions & Requests history (both completed and “in-flight”)
  • The latest award details (terms and conditions, budget summary, etc.)

SAGE Award Activity Record

Award Modifications

Review the Tips for Success – Award Setup and Modification Requests in SAGE webpage for guidance.

To request an award modification, visit the SAGE Awards landing page and click the Create A Request button.

Select the appropriate type of Award Modification: Routing to both OSP and GCA or routing to GCA only.

SAGE Award Modification types

Search by Award ID to select the award requiring a modification.

Search for Award

From here, you can choose the type of modification, and add any additional supporting details.

Award Modification details

Review a read-only version of your Modification Details before submitting.

Review Award Modification before submitting

Monitor the status of your modification requests from the Award Requests list.

Award Requests List

Prepare for Changes Coming to SAGE

office hours iconSAGE Office Hours

Join us for virtual SAGE office hours each week. Drop in and ask our experts any questions you have about SAGE.

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  • Award Setup and Tracking in SAGE: In depth instruction on SAGE Awards usage, including creating Award Setup Request and Monitoring Award Requests
  • SAGE Budget eLearning: This on-demand resources allows you to learn/reference all aspects of SAGE Budget via lectures with demonstrations. Content covered is similar to that in the live class but highly flexible in that you can search for and view specific content as you need it.

NOTE: SAGE Budget eLearning is not a substitution for the live course and does not count toward fulfilling certificate requirements.


Instructor-led Classes

  • SAGE Awards: The SAGE Awards course provides an overview of the award and modification process in SAGE. The SAGE Awards section allows research administrators to accurately create and track Award Setup Requests, which is an essential part of the research lifecycle.

Job Aid Checklist IconJob Aids

user guide iconAdditional SAGE Budget Training Resources

  • SAGE Budget User Guide: In-depth documentation on all aspects of SAGE Budget.
  • SAGE Budget Training Site: The SAGE Budget training site offers a “sandbox” for you to explore and experiment with SAGE Budget without affecting production data. Once you are ready to create a real SAGE Budget for routing, visit the production site.

NOTE: SAGE Budget requires a UW NetID to log in and at least one authorized role. If you are new to using SAGE and need access, visit Accessing SAGE for more information.

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