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Processes at Award Closeout

Changes due to FT

This course will be placed on hold for the foreseeable future due to Financial Transformation. Registration for this course will be closed as of July 6, 2023. There is no target release date for this course.

Course Description

This class provides an overview of actions and processes required to closeout your sponsored award, along with common issues and questions that arise.  Content covered in this course includes:

  • Pre-Final Action Date Activities
  • Meeting Cost Share Requirements
  • Post-Final Action Date Activities
  • Final Invoices and Financial Reports
  • Non-Financial Reports
  • Carryover of remaining balances to the next budget period
  • Deficits and Surpluses at Closeout
  • Late Expenditures and Credits
  • Documentation and retention


Staff new to sponsored project management and those who want a refresher

Research Administration Certificate


Last Updated

Feb 2021

Course Materials

Handout –Sample Closeout Timeline