UW Research

Policies, Procedures, and Guidance

Policies, Procedures, and Guidance for the Office of Research. Includes GIMs, SOPs, Guidance and more.
Name Type Updated Owner Download
INFORMATION SHEET Single IRB Review Process Diagram Procedures & Guidance 06/30/2022 HSD [Download]
INSTRUCTIONS Information for IRB Guests Procedures & Guidance 10/27/2022 HSD [Download]
International Research Procedures & Guidance 10/08/2021
Is it Research? Guidance Procedures & Guidance 03/02/2023 HSD
Non-Profit Sponsor Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rates Policy 05/04/2021 OSP
NSF Office of Polar Programs-Physical Qualification Determination: Waiver Policy 01/10/2020 OSP
Open Access to Research Results
PAVE FAQ Procedures & Guidance 06/30/2022 HSD [Download]
PNNL UW Dual Appointments
Process to Request Reappointment for a UW Faculty with a UW/PNNL Dual Appointment Procedures & Guidance 11/02/2023