UW Research

Policies, Procedures and Guidance

Policies, Procedures and Guidance for the Office of Research. Includes GIMs, SOPs, Guidance and more.
Name Type Updated Owner Download
Risks of Harm from Standard Care Procedures & Guidance 01/17/2008 HSD [Download]
SOP Lab Certification (CLIA) SOP 02/28/2014 HSD [Download]
SOP Research Involving Students SOP 05/30/2014 HSD [Download]
SOP Translation and Interpretation SOP 04/24/2015 HSD [Download]
Protocol Registration and Results System (PRS) Quick Start Guide Procedures & Guidance 01/23/2017 HSD [Download]
PRS Help: Protocol Modules Procedures & Guidance 02/13/2017 HSD [Download]
PRS Help: Results Modules Procedures & Guidance 02/13/2017 HSD [Download]
Human Subjects Assistance Program (HSAP) Information Sheet Procedures & Guidance 04/18/2017 HSD [Download]
FAQ: Good Clinical Practice Training Procedures & Guidance 05/19/2017 HSD [Download]
SOP Creating a CT.gov User Account SOP 06/22/2017 HSD [Download]