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Modifying FEC’s and Processing Recertifications

Note: Effort Reporting classes are currently on hold except for the “Introduction to Effort Reporting” which is available online in a recorded lecture format.

This course addresses how to make changes on the FEC using tools available in the eFECS system, and how to modify an FEC through changing data in other UW systems such as Workday, My Financial Desktop, FIN and the Cost Share Module, which flow into eFECS. The class will focus on how to use the predefined comments and the free form comment section including documentation of special circumstance, and we will review how to make adjustments to cost sharing using the Adjust/View Cost Share screen. The class will also teach how to recertify an FEC.


FEC coordinators with basic knowledge of eFECS

Research Administration Certificate



Part of MAA Certificate in Effort Reporting

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