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Salary Cap and Faculty Effort Certification (FEC)

Note: Effort Reporting classes are currently on hold except for the “Introduction to Effort Reporting” which is available online in a recorded lecture format.

This class will review general compliance requirements of the DHHS salary cap, normally referred to as the NIH salary cap. We will review how the salary cap is calculated and how the eFECS system determines which cap amount to apply. The class will include how to manage budgets with two salary caps applicable in the same FEC cycle, when to set up a sub-budget and what to do if no sub-budget has been set up. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the tools used to plan for and adjust salary cap cost sharing – the Salary Cap Calculator for Determining Salary Distribution and the Salary Cap Calculator for Adjusting an FEC.


Experienced FEC coordinators/Administrators

Research Administration Certificate



Part of MAA Certificate in Effort Reporting

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